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Kassam in Daily Caller: No, I Don’t Feel Sorry For Journalists Who Have Lost Their Jobs — I’m Bloody Thrilled

I usually do a pretty good job of swallowing my sociopathic tendencies, but I have to confess I have absolutely no compassion for the fired journalists of the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. I mean none. And nor should you.

This cadre of know-nothings, haters, anti-white racists, fake news propagandists, and hounders of conservatives have tried to make life hell for people like me for years, simply for having differing opinions. They’ve also done it with smirks on their eminently punchable faces that made that Covington school kid look like he’d swallowed a wasp.

And don’t tell me I’m not allowed to call their faces punchable. I learned the phrase from Reza Aslan. Just hope I don’t learn the action from AntiFa.

Some — more magnanimous than I by a factor of infinity — have suggested we should feel compassion for anyone losing their jobs. This would be a laudable thought process were it not for the active destruction these people were paid to accomplish literally every day. Sometimes at the expense of conservatives, but more to the point, at the expense of ordinary people and Western civilization.


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