Kassam in Daily Caller: The Green New Deal Is The Fyre Festival Of Politics

Ugh, not another Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez article? Wait! It’s not, I swear.

Well, it kind of is. But the ‘Green New Deal’ is worth discussing, if only for its total demerits and to revel in the fact that even the left seems to loathe it.

The latest brain fart by Alex from Yorktown Heights has already been the subject of criticism and ridicule by Nancy PelosiMother Jones and Slate.

Sure, some don’t think it goes far enough. Heck, when the New York Times starts lobbying for the abolition of billionaires you know the Overton Window is shifting apace.

But, at least until 2020 — and as the president showed us in his State of the Union speech — socialism remains a great cudgel for the right to beat the left with.

Especially as it all kicks off in Venezuela.