Kassam In Daily Caller: What’s Going On With Brexit? Here’s An Explainer

“Ok, but seriously, let’s talk about Brexit. What’s going on?”

The number of times I’ve heard that exact sentence in the past few months makes me want to affect a Mexican accent and pretend I’ve just hopped over the border, such is my embarrassment (and inability to answer the question).

Brexit is certainly a mess, but I often remind people that America didn’t achieve functional independence until around 1815, despite the 1776 declaration.

It is unlikely to take Britain 39 years to extricate ourselves from the European Union, but it certainly feels like a lot longer than shy of three years since the original Brexit vote.

You’ll have probably noticed that Theresa May is the worst prime minister in recent history, and that is saying something considering we had Gordon Brown (remember him? Me neither).

But it isn’t May’s fault that her party — the so-called Conservative Party — is so divided on the matter. This is the primary problem we face, and a problem I have been attempting to solve for what seems like most of my adult life.