Kassam In Daily Caller: In The Dead Of Night, British MPs Murdered Democracy

Britain’s Brexit process has turned into a full-blown Shakespearean tragedy replete with blood, treason, familial deceit and criminality. The only thing missing is sex, though we the British people are somewhat grateful for that fact considering the attractiveness of our politicians.

At 11:09 p.m. last night, while the nation slept, 313 vs. 312 members of Parliament — including 14 so-called “Conservatives” — passed legislation that will likely render Britain a client state of the European Union for many years to come.

The “Cooper Bill,” named after its author — the feckless former Blair-era government minister Yvette Cooper — requires the British government to take a “no deal Brexit” off the table and once again extend the negotiating period with the European Union.

This is manifestly not what the public voted for in 2016, and Britain’s current parliament has done almost everything in its power to grin-fuck the electorate since that fateful day in June, three years ago.

But the smirks will surely soon fall from the faces of those traitorous MPs, many of whom — Cooper included — continue to renege on manifesto commitments and election pledges regarding Brexit.