UKIP: The Party’s Over

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) entered this European Parliament session with 24 seats. It now has just three.

Nearly five years since Nigel Farage drubbed the political establishment and led UKIP to becoming the first non-major political party to win a national election in 100 years, the party is now polling at levels it hasn’t seen in 20 years.

The latest three polls (YouGov/ComRes/YouGov) place the party on an average of six points.

The party’s demise has certainly been assisted by the launch of Farage’s new Brexit Party — a cross-party, cross-philosophy phenomenon borne out of equal parts frustration at the government’s handling of the Brexit process, and Farage’s falling out of love with UKIP.

The love isn’t lost going the other way, either.


Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam is a bestselling author, Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, and former advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage

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