I Feel Bad for Ben Shapiro, Andrew Neil is A Bad Faith Interviewer

I never thought I’d want to extend an apology to Ben Shapiro over anything. Mostly because I’m rarely ever wrong enough to have to do such a thing, but also because you can probably tell Shapiro and I have very little in common.

I think Shapiro was wrong to resist candidate Trump and embrace the “mUh cHarAcTer” arguments against the President. He also comes off a bit smug for me. But what he isn’t is stupid. And that’s why I feel the need to apologize on behalf of ordinary Britons for what he had to undergo at the hands of Andrew Neil on the BBC.

That’s not to say Shapiro didn’t lose this one on his own merit, but I also want people to know what a snidey man Neil has been, and continues to be with guests who challenge the British political establishment view.