No Expectations: Why Tlaib’s Anti-Semitism is Excused

Rashida Tlaib is not just close with anti-Semites, she’s someone who felt a “calming feeling” about the Holocaust.

In her defense, Tlaib says her comments were taken “out of context” – the go-to defense for under-fire Islamists, in my experience – but provided the opportunity to establish context by useful idiot Seth Meyers last night, she did no such thing.

Her tirade against “racists” – of which she fits the bill far better than, say, President Trump – reveals her insecurity on the matter. Blink and you’ll have missed it though, because she also compared the Palestinian struggle for their own state with the Holocaust.

“The reason why Israel was created,” she began, “was create a safe haven for Jews around the world. And there is, something, like, beautiful about that my ancestors, many had died or had to give up their livelihood, their human dignity, to provide a safe haven for Jews in our world. And that is something I wanted to recognize and kind of hono