Today a Milkshake, Tomorrow A Brick: Corporate-Backed Political Violence Is Here.

It was always coming. With the dovetailing of corporate social responsibility and social justice causes (i.e. “getting woke”), big global businesses are now moving into the territory of actively encouraging political violence towards conservatives.

Burger King – which has an historically poor marketing performance amongst millennials – is seemingly trying to do something about it by targeting political figures unpopular with said demographic.

I said a few weeks ago things are about to get worse in the sphere of corporations involving themselves in politics. At the time I was thinking of Big Tech, but Gillette, Nabisco, and now Burger King are telling the business world: “Hold my beer”.

“Oh, but it’s just a few milkshakes that have been thrown at Tommy Robinson, Raheem! Lighten up!”

Sure, there’s somewhat of an organic history to politicians taking food items to the face on the campaign trail.