EU Flag Burn Ban Reveals Bloc’s Totalitarian Instincts. Americans Should Differ.

America isn’t a flag. America is a nation.

The European Union is not a nation. It’s anti-nation.

That’s why when the U.S. flag-burning debate reared its head again last week, I took the side of the flag-burners.To be clear, I don’t want people burning the American flag. I simply believe it should not be a crime.

Criminalizing flag-burning smacks of the totalitarian instincts of organizations like the European Union. The EU aggressively defends the few symbols that represent it because it doesn’t have a defining set of values to defend. It institutionally prefers cultural vacuums to social cohesion, secularism to God, and isolated, lonely professionals to strong, robust families.

That’s what happens when corporations and their cronies dictate cultural values.

It’s in almost every social dystopian book or film in recent human history.