Killing The Fourth of July.

After the monuments, the national anthem, and attacks on the Constitution replete with the bent on censorship, it was only a matter of time until the left came for July 4th.

President Trump’s plans for a parade in Washington, D.C. hastened the attacks.


Never to be out-woked, Nike took the opportunity this July 4th to lash out at patriots (read: most Americans) by putting the kibosh on their planned ‘USA Air Max 1’ training shoes.

The design featured the Betsy Ross flag: one of the first known emblems of the colonies that would go on to become the United States.

We’re led to believe it was Colin Kaepernick – who is famous for just about everything except what he should be famous for: football – who drove Nike to nix the shoe.

A shame, really. It was a relatively attractive shoe. Though this Brooks Running shoe, or these Puma ones are arguably better.

But Nike made its bed, just days before the nation was set to celebrate its 243rd birthday.

She’s not an old mistress, America. But she is a wise one.


Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam is a bestselling author, Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, and former advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage

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