Fox News to Air Fake Republican Group’s Pro-Mueller Ad.

A group of establishment donors and activists, masquerading as a Republican organization, will use airtime on Fox News and the Sinclair network to attack President Donald Trump in support of Russiagate conspiracy chief Robert Mueller.

The group, farcically named Republicans for the Rule of Law, is actually a front group for Never Trump activist Bill Kristol.

Kristol is a neoconservative, pro-war, anti-America First activist most recently known for steering the once popular Weekly Standard magazine into bankruptcy.

One of his new groups, the Defending Democracy Together Institute, is the parent company of Republicans for the Rule of Law, as well as a number of other astroturfed entities that boast the same names, board members, and writers, including the failing Bulwark blog site.

Despite this, President Trump’s favorite television network has allowed Republicans for the Rule of Law to purchase advertising space during one of the most popular and most Trump-friendly prime time slots: during the Sean Hannity show.