Kassam in Daily Caller: Anthony Scaramucci — An Expert On Losing

The problem was that Anthony Scaramucci thought Donald Trump was his friend.

Not his colleague, not his acquaintance, not his boss. His friend.

There’s a scene in The Brink about this, when Steve Bannon tells erstwhile Trump whisperer Sam Nunberg, “When you reach [Trump’s] level you don’t have grundoons for friends … guys like you and Corey [Lewandowski] and [Roger] Stone think you’re his friends.”

“The Mooch” made a similar mistake.

He thought he was being brought into the White House as a close confidant of President Trump. In reality, he was being used to break a deadlock between established camps in the West Wing. He served his purpose and was shown the door before he could blow a second kiss to the White House press corps.

The Mooch is obviously a sentimental guy. He greeted me with hugs on several occasions, even though I barely knew him. He also told some grievously off color jokes about women to me and a group of gathered friends. Again, without really knowing us. This was while he was in the President’s employ.