April Ryan speaking at the New Jersey Parent Summit. Via New Brunswick Today on YouTube

CNN Contributor’s Bodyguard Charged After Forcibly Removing Reporter from Speech

CNN political analyst and D.C. bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan does not practice what she preaches when it come to the First Amendment.

The outspoken free speech and press advocate who authored Under Fire: Reporting from the Front Lines of the Trump White House and consistently criticizes the Trump administration over their treatment of the press would presumably be exceedingly transparent and allow the press access to her, right?


The supposed First Amendment defender was giving a speech at the New Jersey Parent Summit in early August when Charlie Kratoliv, the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today, had his camera equipment removed from the conference room by Ryan’s body guard and then was allegedly forcefully removed from the hotel lobby himself.

Ryan’s bodyguard, 30-year-old Joel Morris, has been charged with assault, New Jersey local news reports.

“A criminal complaint dated August 19 charges 30-year-old Joel Morris of Country Club Hills, Illinois, with harassment, assault and theft. It alleges Morris took Kratovil’s arm and shoved it behind his back, injuring his forearm and shoulder. The harassment and theft charges stem from Morris taking the camera, according to the complaint.”

New Brunswick Today released the video Kratovil managed to record on their YouTube detailing the incident.

“This moment in time is a historic moment, because you have to remember every time there’s a challenge to one of the amendments or freedom, you know, it sets a moment where it could go one way or the other. And if it goes in the wrong way, we lose access. We lose the freedom that the founding fathers put in place,” Ryan stated on CNN in November 2018.

It appears that her views on freedom of the press have since changed – or she applies the amendment in a double standard, dependent on political beliefs.

“When I speak, I do not have news covering my speeches,” Ryan can be heard saying in the video.

She says this as the camera suddenly moves and Kratoliv can be heard saying the following:

“Don’t touch my camera, please. Don’t touch my camera, please. Put that down. Don’t you dare. Put that down, sir. That’s my camera.”

A few moments later, Kratoliv’s equipment is moved into the lobby and he can be heard on the video telling the bodyguard, “give me my camera, let go of my camera.”

Kratoliv then says, “don’t touch me.” Multiple voices can be heard, saying things such as “out” repeatedly.

Which is it, Mrs. Ryan? Are you in favor of the First Amendment, or only when it benefits you?

Sofia Carbone is a reporter for RaheemKassam.com and tweets at @SiCarbone_

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