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Kassam for PragerU: Al Jazeera is Weaponizing Social Media.

You might recognize the presenter in PragerU’s newest video – Raheem Kassam!

The video “AJ+ is Al Jazeera” talks about how “news outlet” AJ+ is weaponizing social media to “influence our elections and spread propaganda”. Kassam describes how AJ+ is just a rebranded (and way more “woke”) form of Al Jazeera bankrolled by the country of Qatar.

Qatar is “a tiny Persian Gulf state with lots of oil money; billions of dollars they’re not afraid to spend on causes they believe in—causes like the terror group Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip.”

And with this alarming message, AJ+ is targeting a new demographic: American youth.

Kassam rightfully asks in the video, “Why, you might ask, would the government of a Middle Eastern country care about influencing young Americans?”

Watch to find out. (Hint: It’s not good.)

“The answer is this: anything that weakens the US is a victory for them and their radical form of Islam. If they can convince young Americans that the US is a bad place, young Americans are less likely to defend it, and less likely to support its efforts to fight Islamic terror. And if America is bad, then anyone it supports must also be bad. America supports Israel. Qatar, like its allies in the Iranian theocracy, wants Israel destroyed.”

In short: “Weaken America. Weaken Israel.”

PragerU boasts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and has amassed nearly 2.5 billion views on their channel. The organization creates 5-minute videos on current issues and presents an alternative the left’s dominating narrative on a wide range of topics. PragerU uses presenters they regard as influential in the conservative movement: “We take the best ideas from the best minds and distill them into short videos.”

Raheem is in good company; fellow presenters include Nigel Farage, Dinesh D’Souza, Tucker Carlson, and Charles Krauthammer just to name a few.

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