Kassam w/ Seb Gorka: Boris Can Use Emergency Powers to Enact A Hard Brexit

Raheem Kassam recently appeared on the America First show with Dr. Sebastian Gorka to discuss Brexit and the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections:

In the clip, Kassam provides analysis of Boris Johnson’s government, specifically the prorogation of parliament and impending October 31st Brexit deadline.

He points out how those leading the crusade against proroguing parliament such as John Major have used the same tactic – suspending parliament – for “political reasons” in the past.

He also commends Johnson’s efforts on rooting out the “British equivalent of RINO’s,” those who “vote against the will of the people” by ejecting them from the Conservative Party and making them unable to stand for election. 

Kassam suggests a tactic that could be used to effect a Hard Brexit:

“In 2004, the Blair government introduced something called the “Civil Contingencies Act” that gives the government of the day a 30 day national emergency declaration that they could do to say we can’t go through parliament, we can’t introduce new legislation, we can’t introduce regulation because something is happening that has national security implications. If the left and the “remainers” are right and a hard Brexit does have those implications you can use their logic and the powers that they introduced against them”

Kassam wagers:

“We have to have a general election in the UK. The public must be able to have their say as to whether or not they want these parliamentarians who keep thwarting their will actually keep representing them.”

Kassam laments the loss of Rep. Eric Swalwell from the Democratic primary, a candidate with “no gravitas but high entertainment value”; his numerous failed attempts to make “pass the torch mainstream” and other overly-rehearsed payoff lines will be missed.

Raheem also explains as to why he thinks a Warren/Sanders ticket is likely:

“The Democratic establishment actually wants to lose this one so they can point to the socialist hardliners and go, “Look you tried and you failed. Let’s get back to our Hillary-style candidates.”

Or just watch the episode to see Raheem’s new double-breasted jacket.

Listen to the the full episode of America First here.

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