Raheem Rants: How Blair and Cameron Trashed the British Constitution

You asked for it! 

The latest “Raheem Rants” episode is up: Brexit, Boris, and Parliamentary ‘Sovereignty. It provides clarity on anything and everything related to Brexit, focusing primarily on relevant constitutional issues and other impediments.

It’s a “primer on how/why we got here”.

Concerning the “how”:

“I think we have to reconcile in our minds the fact that Tony Blair and David Cameron were perhaps two of the most malign influences on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that we have ever seen in our lives. Probably beyond our lives.”

Specifically, Kassam references Tony Blair’s Lord’s Reform (1999) which “effectively made it [House of Lords] into a chamber of political wankers and people who’ve climbed up the greasy pole their whole lives”. It’s a chamber now filled with people who “couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag”.

Another flawed piece of legislation, this time introduced by David Cameron, was the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (2011) – “an act of constitutional damage”. Prior to its passage, “it was previously in the power of the prime minister to call an election when an election was an obvious thing to want to do”.

Also under Cameron, the UK nearly avoided adopting an AV+ voting system and the Scottish referendum was a “narrowly avoided disaster”.

And the “why”?

“I believe that parliament is unwilling to face the public not just because they are scared of being deselected but the entire apparatus under which they came to power, whatever “power” they have sitting as a constituency MP in wherever they might be … they have a semblance of power that is pooled with their party, but now that stems from the approval they seek from the EU and The European Commission … They’re seen as delegates now for the European Commission. 

It’s not just about losing their seats; “they now see themselves as guardians of as bastions for the European project”

Kassam calls it like it is: “They’re traitors trying to represent a foreign power and foreign interest.”

There’s a *lot* more on the podcast, but hearing it all in Raheem’s accent makes it exponentially more interesting.

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