Raheem Rants: Who’s REALLY Keeping a Brexit-Conservative Party Pact Down?

Deal or no deal?

Raheem Kassam isn’t talking about the game show in the latest installment of Raheem Rants. He’s talking about the likelihood of the Brexit and Conservative parties “working together in the national interest come a general election, to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of government, or to make Brexit a real thing”.

What exactly is the “deal”?

Nigel Farage’s “pre-election, no-deal Brexit pact” where he asked the “Tories to stand aside in ninety constituencies in a non-aggression pact to avoid splitting the Leave vote”. 

In response, a “senior Tory source” proclaimed: “Neither Nigel Farage nor Arron Banks are fit and proper persons and they should never be allowed anywhere near government” – a resounding no to Farage’s offer.

Who exactly is this “senior Tory source” (who didn’t even have enough courage to attach his name to the statement)?

Raheem explains all in this latest audio clip. Listen now.

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