Anti-Brexit Lawyer Throws Tantrum After BBC ‘Delays’ Interview. The Reason? He Was Late!

Anti-Brexit loudmouth lawyer Jolyon Maugham took issue with the BBC News Channel’s scheduling of an interview with him last week, tweeting his disgust that a court decision over Brexit was given less prominence than a story about illegal immigrants.

The problem is his complaint wasn’t accurate for TWO reasons.

Maugham tweeted on the 11th:

He wrote: “Just did interview with BBC News Channel. The giving of unlawful advice to HM by Boris Johnson’s Government was pushed down the list by a story about how illegal immigrants (2 boats already today, they reported) were flooding in because our borders would be tighter after Brexit.”

But it soon transpired that not only did the BBC actually lead with the Scottish court decision in the 4pm news hour, but also that the reason Maugham’s interview was later than billed is that he was late to the studio floor.

BBC journalist and runner Robert Rea set the lawyer straight:

“No it wasn’t. We led at 4 on the Scottish court’s decision. Your interview was scheduled for 4.15, so we could pick up with the story after the quarter heads. The reason your interview was moved down was that you got to the studio floor slightly too late for the slot”.

Sadly, Maugham’s tweet was retweeted 1,200 times, while Rea’s facts were RT’d by only 2 people.

That’s social media today, folks.

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