Sadiq’s Sh*thole: London Rail Station Deploys Body Scanners

A busy London railway station has deployed body scanners for the first time.

The capital’s transport network has rarely ever seen the deployment of scanners such as those now at Stratford Rail Station, which is owned and operated by Network Rail.

The move follows years of massive crime increases under Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, previously best known for his spirited defense of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan:

Commuters have experienced the first use of body scanners to screen for weapons at a British railway station, as local authorities stressed they had sought assurances from police that the public were made aware of their rights. The technology – which can detect weapons including guns, knives and explosive devices concealed under clothing at distances of up to 30 feet – was in use on Tuesday in the lead-up to evening rush hour at Stratford station in east London , one of the capital’s busiest transport hubs.

Source: Body scanners screen for weapons at Stratford station

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