Ad Highlights Dem Support for Including Biological Men in Female Sports

“Is it fair?”

That’s the question posed by the Center for American Principles most recent campaign ad:

The ad is intended to inform voters in the upcoming Kentucky gubernatorial election about Democratic candidate Andy Beshear’s support for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) accommodation laws that would allow male to female transgender people access to female restrooms, locker rooms, shelters, and sports. And this understandably harms women – a consequence the ad stresses by focusing on the negative impacts of SOGI laws in female sports.

Terry Schilling, director of the political action committee that released the video, articulates: “For too long, Democrats like Beshear have been allowed to advocate for such policies without any pushback from the media or even most conservatives. But no longer. We aim to present the ugly reality of Beshear’s platform to the voters of Kentucky, enabling them to make a truly informed choice this November.”

Schilling alludes to how this ad represents a new strategy the Republican party can use to advance their transgender argument against the radical left: refocusing the issue to emphasize the impact it has on young girls – someone’s daughter, sister, etc. 

Kassam explains further:


Beshear’s stance on transgender athletes is not out of line with the rest of his views. He supports universal healthcare, restoring felon’s voting rights, a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage, and other leftist policies.

Schilling highlights another of Beshear’s troubling stances: “Beshear and his fellow Democrats’ push for ‘equality’ would have a devastating impact on a huge number of Americans. Already, they are threatening to shut down many faith-based adoption agencies and women’s shelters, suing Catholic doctors for refusing to violate their consciences, and even pushing to remove children from their parents over just the slightest resistance to transgender ideology.”

It’s no wonder the ad labels him as “too extreme for Kentucky”.

The ad has generated considerable backlash.

A Beshear campaign spokesman criticized the ad as “a shameful and false attack from a shady group that will lead to bullying of our kids.”

He continued: “Andy opposes discrimination. Matt Bevin is an unhinged failure who is hurting our students by seeking to tear down public education. He even blamed teachers, without evidence, for the sexual abuse of children.

And the Fairness Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group, thinks its an indicator that Republicans are nervous about the approaching gubernatorial race: “They must have some internal polling that shows them doing poorly if they will run this despicable, dirty and false attack that has no grounding in reality in Kentucky politics or policy”.

They’re so out of touch (read: brainwashed) they can’t comprehend the concerns ordinary Americans might have about boys being able to compete in girls’ sports: they think it’s purely politically motivated.

But even outlets like Daily Wire  and National Review have praised the ad.

For the sake of female athletes in Kentucky, let’s hope this tactic is effective.

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