A photo of yellow cake uranium, a solid form of uranium oxide produced from uranium ore. Yellow cake must be processed further before it is made into nuclear fuel. Courtesy of Energy Fuels Inc.

Kassam in Daily Caller: New Report From Stephen Moore Shows The Need To Make Uranium American Again

The dirty little secret in Washington, D.C. is that almost everyone in the establishment basically answers to a foreign paymaster.

It’s why Democrats got so hot under the collar about their Russia narrative. Between the attempts by the European Union — supported by the usual suspects — to annex Ukraine into the European Union, and the Democrats’ own dealings in the Eastern European state, they had to hit first for fear of being hit hardest by any foreign collusion investigations.

The same applies for China, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and beyond. John McCain doesn’t just turn up in Kiev during a revolution for nothing. He was — paid or unpaid — supporting an EU strategy to empire build in the largest globalist project of a generation.


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