Amazon Sells ‘Brexiteers I Want to Stab’ Book

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was recently condemned for his use of “inflammatory” language by using words like “traitor” and “betrayal” to describe Remainer MPs – labels that have definitely been earned from their numerous efforts to undermine and nullify Brexit.

He was attacked in Parliament by various MPs for such “offensive, dangerous” language:

Meanwhile, a notebook emblazoned with “My Little Book of All the Brexiteers I want to Stab” is being sold on Amazon.


That sounds like a textbook example of “inflammatory” language.

It also has a politically-charged description: it’s meant to “put a smile on the face of anyone who is against Brexit” and for “all anti-brexit remainers and Pro-Europeans, Anti Leave British supporters who want Britain to remain in the European Union”.

The cover is intended to resemble the flag of the European Union.

Yet Remainer MPs, most notably Paula Sherriff, were claiming that Johnson’s rhetoric engendered “death threats and abuse every single day”. These people allegedly “quote” Johnson’s words.

Sheriff also demands that we “moderate our language,” ironically singling out Johnson as the main culprit when it’s her fellow Remainers profiting from notebooks that explicitly incite violence.

By current British political standards the use of words like “betrayal” (to describe the actions of people who have continuously attempted to nullify the results of a democratic, legitimate referendum) are classified as inflammatory yet proclaiming the desire to stab an entire group of people because of their political views isn’t.

The same MPs who castigated Johnson for his diction are silent:

And the book is still for sale on Amazon. Earlier this year, Amazon banned a multitude of books relating to homosexuality, specifically those aimed at helping relieve those with unwanted sexual attractions to members of their own sex for fear of inspiring gay conversion therapy.

Yet another prime example of the left’s double standard.

At least the notebook fits with the British political zeitgeist – perhaps it takes inspiration from Sadiq Khan’s London where stabbings are up more than fifty percent.

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