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Kassam In Daily Caller: Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal Isn’t A Declaration Of Independence; It’s A Surrender To The EU

“Jean Claude’s the boss here,” are the words with which United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended his press conference alongside the European Commission President on Thursday. He was trying to get reporters to calm down as they shouted their questions following the announcement of the “new deal” between Britain and the EU just two […]


Kassam on WMAL on Boris, Brexit, and October 31st

If you’re still perplexed by Brexit, allow Raheem’s latest radio appearance to help resolve your confusion. He was featured on the September 10th episode of “Mornings on the Mall” to discuss the “Brexit battle in parliament”. The constitutionality of proroguing parliament mixed with the imminent Brexit deadline is messy:  “Technically speaking parliament is within its […]

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Kassam w/ Seb Gorka: Boris Can Use Emergency Powers to Enact A Hard Brexit

Raheem Kassam recently appeared on the America First show with Dr. Sebastian Gorka to discuss Brexit and the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections: In the clip, Kassam provides analysis of Boris Johnson’s government, specifically the prorogation of parliament and impending October 31st Brexit deadline. He points out how those leading the crusade against proroguing parliament […]


How to Make Boris Work.

Boris Johnson is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The tousle-headed neo-liberal fought a remarkably quiet campaign, perhaps with good reason. If there were ever a modern British politician with enough skeletons in the closet to bring him down on the first day of his premiership: it’s […]

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Amazon Sells ‘Brexiteers I Want to Stab’ Book

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was recently condemned for his use of “inflammatory” language by using words like “traitor” and “betrayal” to describe Remainer MPs – labels that have definitely been earned from their numerous efforts to undermine and nullify Brexit. He was attacked in Parliament by various MPs for such “offensive, dangerous” language: Meanwhile, […]


Farage: ‘No No to BoJo’.

Brexit Party leader and arguably once again the most influential political figure in Britain Nigel Farage has warned today that Conservative Party favorite Boris Johnson cannot be trusted with the leadership of the party and therefore the premiership of the nation. Johnson, who is leading the Conservative Party would-be leadership pack, has also previously had […]

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