The New Aylan Kurdi.

America’s media is about to follow in the footsteps of Europe’s as open borders advocates begin using images of children in order to guilt the nation over its own migrant crisis.

In 2015, at the peak of Europe’s self-inflicted migration problem, the media plastered pictures of toddler Aylan (later ‘Alan’) Kurdi washed up dead on a beach in Turkey.

Kurdi was utilized as a global symbol of why Western nations were morally bound to throw open their borders to anyone and everyone apparently seeking refuge.

The media would also, in the same period, blur out pictures of children killed in Islamic terror attacks.


EU Flag Burn Ban Reveals Bloc’s Totalitarian Instincts. Americans Should Differ.

America isn’t a flag. America is a nation.

The European Union is not a nation. It’s anti-nation.

That’s why when the U.S. flag-burning debate reared its head again last week, I took the side of the flag-burners.To be clear, I don’t want people burning the American flag. I simply believe it should not be a crime.

Criminalizing flag-burning smacks of the totalitarian instincts of organizations like the European Union. The EU aggressively defends the few symbols that represent it because it doesn’t have a defining set of values to defend. It institutionally prefers cultural vacuums to social cohesion, secularism to God, and isolated, lonely professionals to strong, robust families.

That’s what happens when corporations and their cronies dictate cultural values.

It’s in almost every social dystopian book or film in recent human history.


Trump: Responsibly Restrained on Foreign Policy.

Like Tony Blair in Iraq and Nicolas Sarkozy in Libya, Barack Obama has shown no contrition for his overt and dangerous grooming of Iran. Now Trump is having to clean up the mess in the knowledge it could get worse if he approaches it heavy-handed.

Restraint is the key word.

President Trump has displayed the hallmarks of a foreign policy borne from the warnings uttered by America’s founders.

It frustrates hawks, and may even seem “weak” to those searching for weakness, especially after an attack on U.S. assets. But it is in-keeping with the heuristic of engaging in foreign entanglements only when it is expressly in the U.S. national interest to do so.

This is manifestly the case with Iran.


Polish MP Invites AOC for Educational Visit to REAL Concentration Camps

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Polish lawmaker and committee chairman on trans-Atlantic trade has invited Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to visit former concentration camps in his country in an effort to educate the freshman legislator.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has recently been embroiled in a war of words with the political right, and indeed members of her own Democratic Party, after suggesting the Trump administration was running “concentration camps” in the United States.

Dominik Tarczyński, a member of the Polish Sejm (parliament), wrote to Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday, in a letter seen exclusively by Human Events.


UK Conservatives to Choose Between Liberal Boris and Liberal Hunt. Or Rebel.

Britain’s Conservative Party has now completed its internal “knock out” stage in its process to appoint a new leader and therefore Prime Minister.

The next step – a membership ballot between the liberal Boris Johnson and the even more liberal Jeremy Hunt – leaves party members in an appalling position with a lack of real choice.


Johnson, known for his floppy hair and bumbling demeanor, is likely to govern in a dangerously liberal fashion.

His girlfriend – for whom he recently divorced his wife – is a hardline environmentalist liberal vegan. Johnson is said to have been allowing her to fashion his campaign and his impending premiership thus far.



There Has Always Been an American Nationalism, No Matter What Chris Cuomo Thinks.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo used his diminishing pulpit last night to demand his guest, Steve Cortes, explain “what movement defined itself as nationalism [sic] that was positive and not oppressive to another.”

Cortes – rarely ever on the back foot – responded immediately: “American nationalism”.

He’s correct.

America was founded with nationalism at its core. But it is a mature nationalism, and not one easily conflated with the horrors of blood-focused regimes of the past.


Trump Finds Agreement from People You Wouldn’t Expect.

Maybe it’s attrition, maybe it’s admission, but I’m seeing a lot more people agreeing with President Trump lately.

Scoff if you want, I’ll demonstrate what I mean.

In the past few days alone, a number of Democrats have had to shift their positions in a way that appears to be in agreement with the U.S. Commander-in-Chief.

Predominantly anti-Trump leftists like Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg may be opposed to POTUS on some things, but on matters that have defined Trump’s first term in office, they are caving.

It’s unsurprising given internal polling is probably screaming, “not so far to the left!” at them. It’s an opportune time to switch lanes because hopefully – as far as they’re concerned anyway – no one will remember by the time they’re on a debate stage with the 45th President.


Democracy Dies with Chinese Propaganda.

It’s distressing to see The [Washington] Post become a channel for state propaganda from the People’s Republic of China. Yet that’s what’s happening with the lengthy advertorials from the China Daily that are distributed with your newspaper.

The Sept. 30 “Chinawatch” insert was especially objectionable. Four of the six pages were filled with happy, seemingly fact-filled reports about the latest developments with Taiwan, all masquerading as “news.” But they were missing crucial context for understanding the fraught relations across the Taiwan Strait. There was no mention of controversies within democratic Taiwan about the new policies and their effects, nor any observations contrary to China’s deceptive strategies. All was harmony and light.

The Chinese government is spending generously worldwide to promote its view. But your accepting its advertising dollars is no mere commercial transaction. These “news reports” are from a state-controlled arm of the Chinese propaganda establishment.

This is not a service to readers, and the advertorials directly conflict with the integrity and fairness that I expect from The Post.

– Julian Baum, Richmond

The above was taken from the letters section of the Washington Post in 2011.

The Post, since at least that year, has carried reporting from the China Daily paper under an advertising deal they call “China Watch”.

But it should – as Julian Baum from Richmond implies – be called “China Botch” since it is nothing like accurate or contextualized reporting on the region.

That’s because China Daily is a fully-owned subsidiary and propaganda arm of the Communist Party of China i.e. the government.


Burned Brexit Party Ballots, Voter Fraud Under Investigation.

Police are investigating allegedly burned ballots while voter fraud questions are being raised over the result of the Peterborough by-election (special election) in the United Kingdom last week.

A local Labour Party campaigner previously convicted of electoral fraud was present throughout the campaign and, critically, at the official election count.

The result – declared late Thursday night – saw Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party denied its first seat in parliament by just 683 votes.

Long time Labour Party activist Tariq Mahmood – convicted in 2008 for a vote fabrication scheme – was “front and centre” of the party’s efforts to mobilize the growing Muslim vote in the city, according to local officials.


National Review is Obsessed With Itself.

The folks at National Review have finally woken up from their decade-long slumber during which the formerly influential conservative magazine was known to mumble incoherently about “muh free markets” until it was jolted up with night terrors in 2016, shrieking, “Never Trump! Never Trump!”

The magazine has now become obsessed with its own decline, which frankly, few people are interested in.

Having lost a seemingly internecine war against Sohrab Ahmari and First Things over the future of conservatism, the mag’s once-trusted writers are still attempting to wage war (think Hiroo Onoda) while at the simultaneously claiming to have never tried to fashion an ism around their lead writers.