Author: Sofia Carbone


Report Expresses Concern for Facebook Moderators’ Human Rights (While They Revoke Yours)

Facebook is notorious for censoring individuals based on their political beliefs. But The Guardian newspaper has rushed to the defense of the company’s moderators, saying they are left with “psychological scars” and “pushed towards the far right by the amount of hate speech and fake news they read every day.” One of Facebook’s contractors told The […]


EU Rules eBook Resale Illegal.

EU courts have ruled that it is now illegal to resell ebooks. Previously, the resale of ebooks was thought to be protected under the exhaustion of intellectual property rights. The precedent for this thought was the 2012 ruling by the EU court which legalized the resale of used software licenses. The 2012 ruling outlined that once […]


Italy Will Get Its 68th Government in 74 Years Following PM’s Resignation.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella on Tuesday, perhaps prompting yet another change in government in the southern European nation. Conte’s resignation comes during escalating turbulence in the left-right, populist coalition government. Announcing his resignation with Deputy Ministers Matteo Salvini of the right-wing League party on his right, and […]

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