READ: Transcript of Trump Call With Ukraine President That Prompted ‘Impeachment’

The White House has released the transcript of the hyped President Trump phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

The transcript reveals President Trump and the Ukrainian President both agreed that in order to effectively “drain the swamps” in both of their countries, action needed to be taken around key corruption issues.

One mention was made of improper actions bragged about by Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden during a Council on Foreign Relations event.

At no point did President Trump attempt to force the Ukrainian President to do anything, with threats, or otherwise, as the media has suggested. In fact, the Ukrainian President appeared to agree that it was a matter of importance in investigating the actions of many Washington, D.C. swamp dwellers, including his own former ambassador.

Biden told a Council on Foreign Relations event that he even threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if his son was not done the favor in a business deal.

Biden admits in the clip:

“I remember going over and convincing our team, others, to convince that we should be providing for loan guarantees. And I went over, I guess, the 12th, 13th time to Kiev. And I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee. And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor. And they didn’t.

“So they said they had—they were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, I’m not going to—or, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said—I said, call him. (Laughter.) I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a b-tch. (Laughter.) He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

Democrats have alleged President Trump did the same thing as Biden claims to have done, though the transcript below shows Trump did no such thing.

Democrats will now be forced to either walk back their impeachment claims, or continue with them against the evidence.

The transcript can be read below:

Sadiq’s Sh*thole: London Rail Station Deploys Body Scanners

A busy London railway station has deployed body scanners for the first time.

The capital’s transport network has rarely ever seen the deployment of scanners such as those now at Stratford Rail Station, which is owned and operated by Network Rail.

The move follows years of massive crime increases under Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, previously best known for his spirited defense of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan:

Commuters have experienced the first use of body scanners to screen for weapons at a British railway station, as local authorities stressed they had sought assurances from police that the public were made aware of their rights. The technology – which can detect weapons including guns, knives and explosive devices concealed under clothing at distances of up to 30 feet – was in use on Tuesday in the lead-up to evening rush hour at Stratford station in east London , one of the capital’s busiest transport hubs.

Source: Body scanners screen for weapons at Stratford station

Anti-Brexit Lawyer Throws Tantrum After BBC ‘Delays’ Interview. The Reason? He Was Late!

Anti-Brexit loudmouth lawyer Jolyon Maugham took issue with the BBC News Channel’s scheduling of an interview with him last week, tweeting his disgust that a court decision over Brexit was given less prominence than a story about illegal immigrants.

The problem is his complaint wasn’t accurate for TWO reasons.

Maugham tweeted on the 11th:

He wrote: “Just did interview with BBC News Channel. The giving of unlawful advice to HM by Boris Johnson’s Government was pushed down the list by a story about how illegal immigrants (2 boats already today, they reported) were flooding in because our borders would be tighter after Brexit.”

But it soon transpired that not only did the BBC actually lead with the Scottish court decision in the 4pm news hour, but also that the reason Maugham’s interview was later than billed is that he was late to the studio floor.

BBC journalist and runner Robert Rea set the lawyer straight:

“No it wasn’t. We led at 4 on the Scottish court’s decision. Your interview was scheduled for 4.15, so we could pick up with the story after the quarter heads. The reason your interview was moved down was that you got to the studio floor slightly too late for the slot”.

Sadly, Maugham’s tweet was retweeted 1,200 times, while Rea’s facts were RT’d by only 2 people.

That’s social media today, folks.

‘Allah Hu Akbar’ Screamer Stabs Italian Soldier

A man who allegedly shouted “Allah hu Akbar” before stabbing an Italian soldier has been detained by police.

The suspect attacked the patroling soldier from the back with a letter opener, causing the victim to suffer light injuries to the neck. Other troopers then apprehended and disarmed the man before handing him over to the police.

Italian anti-terrorism officials are investigating a 23-year-old man suspected of stabbing an army corporal outside Milan’s main train station, Italian media reported on Tuesday. The suspect attacked the patroling soldier from the back with a letter opener, causing the victim to suffer light injuries to the neck.

ANSA described the man as an irregular migrant from Yemen. Witnesses said he had shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greatest) during his arrest.

Source: Italian soldier stabbed near Milan train station

EU Parliamentarians Brand ‘European Way of Life’ Phrase ‘Far Right’

Pro-EU Members of the European Parliament have their knickers in a twist again after the new leader of the executive branch of the EU – the European Commission – came up with a new slogan: “protecting the European way of life”.

This is of course drastically racist as far as the leftist MEPs are concerned.

They say it plays into the hands of the “far right”.

EU Observer has more:

European People’s Party group leader Manfred Weber defended Ursula von der Leyen’s decision to rename a commission portfolio, partly dealing with migration, “protecting the European way of life”. He said it means rescuing people in the Mediterranean.

Source: Defending the ‘European way of life’ name splits MEPs

Kassam In Daily Caller: The Media Has A Problem Covering 9/11

The New York Times began its 9/11 coverage this year with an avian appeal. The 9/11 tribute lights, they claim, are putting 160,000 birds at risk every year.

Apparently the “Tribute in Light” — two columns created by 88 searchlights — is affecting the migratory patterns of our winged friends.

That is, unless you read the article. The headline’s claim is debunked about halfway in: “But according to radar studies … the 20-minute breaks are enough to allow birds to resume their migration.”

This isn’t the first year they’ve done it, but the articles are getting longer and the shrieks are becoming shriller: “Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the yellow warblers?!”

The peregrine falcon focus is scarcely the worst of the Gray Lady’s misdeeds when it comes to the anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on American soil.

Read more at The Daily Caller

Soros-Funded Anti-Brexit Group Threatens the Queen

An anti-Brexit group has issued an extraordinary statement today, effectively threatening to behead Her Majesty The Queen for her work in ensuring the democratic will of the people who voted for Brexit in 2016 is delivered. 

Naomi Smith, the CEO of the pro-EU group ‘Best for Britain’ said after the Queen allowed for the proroguing of the anti-Brexit parliament: “It would make no sense for the queen to back this deeply undemocratic, unconstitutional and fundamentally political maneuver from the government.”

“If the queen is asked to help, she would do well to remember history doesn’t look too kindly on royals who aid and abet the suspension of democracy.”

Of course the Queen is not suspending democracy. She’s actually working well within the confines of the British constitution, as explained by A.V. Dicey in ‘The Law of the Constitution’ (1885).

The scholar wrote: “The House can in accordance with the constitution be deprived of power [when] there is fair reason to suppose that the opinion of the House is not the opinion of the electors.”

Best for Britain is funded by none other than billionaire George Soros, who is believed to have donated around £500,000 ($610,000) to the effort to kill off the Brexit referendum result from 2016.

Many of Soros’s business interests are reliant upon the crony capitalism and globalism the European Union represents.

Reuters reported in 2018:

News that billionaire financier George Soros is a backer of a campaign group seeking to keep Britain in the EU added fire to Britain’s Brexit debate on Thursday, with supporters of quitting the bloc accusing opponents of plotting a “coup”.

The Best of Britain campaign group confirmed it had received 400,000 pounds from Soros.

The statement by Best for Britain today hearkens back to King Charles I, who was deposed and beheaded after a protracted disagreement with parliament.

Defenders of the statement have taken to social media to claim the statement simply means the Queen will be perceived dimly by the public, a claim not borne out by public sentiment on the matter of Brexit.

Most Britons now want Brexit delivered, and quickly.

1A: Trump Refuses to Sign Macron’s G7 ‘Hate Speech’ Charter

The Trump administration has refused to join other G7 countries in signing up to a “hate speech charter” which would have taken direct aim at American’s First Amendment rights.

According to Reuters:

The United States did not sign up to a charter against online hate speech at the G7 summit for legal reasons, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday after the end of the meeting.

“We formalized an agreement for the first time with several Anglo-Saxon and European platforms and with support from nearly all (G7) countries,” Macron told reporters after the summit, which was held in southwestern France.

“We had a very good discussion with the United States, which for legal reasons was not able to formalize the agreement on this point,” Macron said, adding he was hopeful it could be done in the coming weeks.

So called “hate speech” laws are more often than not designed to tackle politically incorrect opinions, rather than any actual criminal behavior.

The United Kingdom has excluded Islam critics from the country on “hate speech” grounds, and Australian liberals recently tried to exclude author Raheem Kassam from the country using similar laws.

Strict hate speech laws would necessarily infringe upon the First Amendment rights of ordinary Americans, and would likely fail the constitutional test in a Supreme Court hearing.

French president Emmanuel Macron has been directly pressuring private companies to sign up to his government censorship charter. Reuters also reported:

France, which is hosting the G7 summit in Biarritz, was initially hoping to make social media giants sign a so-called “Charter for an Open, Free, and Safe Internet” on Friday, according to the official program.

However, the ceremony did not take place and Europe 1 radio said U.S. President Donald Trump had put pressure on the platforms’ chief executives not to sign the pledge publicly. Washington later denied any such pressure.

France’s junior minister for the digital industry said on Saturday the signing had only been delayed and would take place on Monday.

“The initial idea was to make the platforms come to Biarritz and until now, the United States was against the signature of this pledge,” Cedric O told reporters.

“Diplomatically, it was sensitive to make U.S. platforms come to Biarritz and sign something while the American president wasn’t there,” he said, adding that Google, Facebook and Snapchat were among the platforms due to sign the charter.

“There’s no doubt on the fact that the social networks will sign the pledge,” Cedric O said.

In Washington, however, a senior Trump administration official said the U.S. government did not have a position on the initiative and had not pressed U.S. companies not to sign.

In fact, the opposite had occurred, the official said.

“There certainly was no pressure from us,” the official told Reuters. “We heard from a couple of companies that they felt bullied by France to join.”

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Hillary-Backing Psychologist Turns on Clinton Over Tech Bias: ‘Should be Ashamed of Herself’.

A Clinton-supporting psychologist has blasted back against his preferred, failed Presidential candidate after she referred to a report written by him, on the dangers of Google’s online dominance, as “debunked”.

Hillary Clinton was firing back against President Trump’s claim that Google influenced the 2016 election cycle by leading users to more pro-Clinton and anti-Trump coverage. Trump cited Dr. Robert Epstein, who stopped just short of claiming Trump was intentionally targeted for defeat by Google.

“Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election!” Trump wrote Monday on Twitter. “This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump Supporter! Google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought!”

Clinton fired back on Twitter: “The debunked study you’re referring to was based on 21 undecided voters. For context that’s about half the number of people associated with your campaign who have been indicted.”

But Epstein, who posted a picture of himself with Hillary Clinton at the end of a Twitter thread on the matter, refused to let her have the last word.

In a “Tweet storm” (his words), Epstein took aim at Trump for claiming there were up to 16 million people impacted by Google’s bias. Instead, he said, it was up to 10.4 million. Still incredibly significant.

The senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today then turned his ire to his former political heroine: Hillary.

This is going to hurt me to write, because I & my whole extended family have been strong supporters of the Clintons for decades. I have a framed, signed letter from Bill on the wall near my desk. But Hillary should be ashamed of herself,” he began.

Hillary has long depended on Google for both money & votes. Her largest donor in 2016 was Alphabet/Google. Her Chief Technology Officer during the campaign was Stephanie Hannon, a former Google exec. And then there’s EricSchmidt, longtime head of Google… A leaked email showed that in 2014 Google‘s Eric Schmidt offered to run Hillary‘s tech campaign… In 2015, Schmidt in fact funded The Groundwork, a highly secretive tech company, the sole purpose of which was to put Clinton into office.

“About 96% of 2016 campaign donations from Google employees went to Hillary. And Elan Kriegel, Hillary’s Chief Analytics Officer, credits his 2012 tech team, informally supervised by Eric Schmidt, for half of Obama’s win margin: nearly 2.5 million votes.

Hillary: If my work has been “debunked,” why was it included in a volume just published by Oxford U.? Why have I been invited to speak about it at prestigious venues worldwide: Stanford U., Yale Law School (where both you & Bill went), even our Senate (where you served)?

Hillary: If you examine my work carefully, you will find that it adheres to the very highest standards of scientific integrity. You will also conclude, I believe, that Google poses a serious threat to the free-&-fair election & to human autonomy.”

The Twitter thread went on, underscoring conservatives’ recent points about tech bias:

And while the establishment media paid close attention and gave many column inches to Hillary’s clap back against Trump, they broadly ignored Dr. Epstein’s detailed rebuttal.

The top Google search results on the matter show Politico, New York Times, and CNN articles at the very top. None of the articles detail Dr. Epstein’s rebuttal, and simply hand victory on the issue to Clinton.

A senior Google executive was recently caught on camera by Project Veritas insisting they wanted to stop “the next Trump situation.”

Epstein’s study can be read in full here.

Guardian: ‘Are Satanists Now the Good Guys?’

The Guardian newspaper has asked a revealing question in one of its latest television reviews, with an article entitled: “Devil’s advocate: are satanists now the good guys in the fight against the evangelical right?”

The answer is obviously, “No”. But the framing gives an important insight into the mentality of fake news media journalists and editors, especially at an historically leftist publication like the Guardian.

The feature, by freelancer Steve Rose, is about a new television series produced by Magnolia Pictures, the same firm that created the anti-Steve Bannon movie The Brink.

“Hail Satan?” is described by Rose as portraying “the Satanic Temple as a voice of reason and humanism in the US”. He then asks the question: “Has the time come to rehabilitate the dark lord?”

“Now, a documentary threatens to rehabilitate Satan. Directed by Penny Lane, Hail Satan? follows the early adventures of the Satanic Temple, an institution that has hit upon the perfect counter-strategy to the evangelicals’ efforts to recouple church and state. Based in Salem, Massachusetts (where else?), the Satanic Temple is officially recognised as a tax-exempt religious organisation. As such, it has been claiming the same rights and privileges as those obtained by evangelical Christian groups – albeit with a prankster sensibility.”

The release of Hail Satan? is a blessing and a curse for the Satanic Temple. It should bring new members and much-needed revenue to the cause (the church’s only income is direct donations and merchandise sales), but it also puts [Lucien] Greaves in the limelight, possibly even the crosshairs. Towards the end of Hail Satan? we see him appearing at a satanist rally in Little Rock, Arkansas, next to the notorious Baphomet statue. Before he steps out, he puts on a bulletproof jacket.

Not only are Rose and the Guardian shilling for the Satanic Temple in the review, they’re also concerned for the safety of its leader, a compassion rarely shown for conservatives or Christians in public life.

Artwork for the movie portrays the Statue of Liberty with the head of Baphomet, a goat-like symbol used by the Church of Satan since the 1960s.

Hail Satan? is currently being distributed by Apple iTunes, Amazon, AT&T, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DirectTV, Fandango, Google Play, SuddenLink, Verizon FIOS, VUDU, Xbox, and YouTube.