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Amazon Sells ‘Brexiteers I Want to Stab’ Book

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was recently condemned for his use of “inflammatory” language by using words like “traitor” and “betrayal” to describe Remainer MPs – labels that have definitely been earned from their numerous efforts to undermine and nullify Brexit. He was attacked in Parliament by various MPs for such “offensive, dangerous” language: Meanwhile, […]


Ad Highlights Dem Support for Including Biological Men in Female Sports

“Is it fair?” That’s the question posed by the Center for American Principles most recent campaign ad: The ad is intended to inform voters in the upcoming Kentucky gubernatorial election about Democratic candidate Andy Beshear’s support for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) accommodation laws that would allow male to female transgender people access to […]

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BBC Classroom Show Depicts Trans and Lesbians Telling Kids ‘There Are Over 100 Genders’

Another day, another opportunity for the left to push their bizarre gender agenda on children. A new BBC-sponsored programme “Identity: Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities” is telling kids as young as nine there are “over 100 genders” they can identify as. When the children, understandably confused, ask about how many genders exist, the teacher responds: […]


Sweden Scraps Automatic Asylum for Syrians.

Sweden will no longer issue “residence permits” to all Syrian refugees, terminating a policy that allowed over 100,000 asylum-seekers to resettle in the country.  The policy, championed by left-wing parties, had been in effect since 2013. Right-leaning parties that opposed the policy change pointed out its flaws, raising concerns that “no conflict is permanent but […]

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