Guardian: ‘Are Satanists Now the Good Guys?’

The Guardian newspaper has asked a revealing question in one of its latest television reviews, with an article entitled: “Devil’s advocate: are satanists now the good guys in the fight against the evangelical right?” The answer is obviously, “No”. But the framing gives an important insight into the mentality of fake news media journalists and […]


Everyone’s Gone Nuts. For Power and Profit.

Senator John Kennedy said the “four horsemen” of the Democratic party’s internal apocalypse were the “reason there are directions on a shampoo bottle”. I doubled over in laughter. Then I watched the interview with “the squad”. Rashida Tlaib whined about Trump being a “bully”. AOC called America a “story. Ayanna Pressley called the president “predictable” despite her and […]


Killing The Fourth of July.

After the monuments, the national anthem, and attacks on the Constitution replete with the bent on censorship, it was only a matter of time until the left came for July 4th. President Trump’s plans for a parade in Washington, D.C. hastened the attacks. NIKE. Never to be out-woked, Nike took the opportunity this July 4th […]


Today a Milkshake, Tomorrow A Brick: Corporate-Backed Political Violence Is Here.

It was always coming. With the dovetailing of corporate social responsibility and social justice causes (i.e. “getting woke”), big global businesses are now moving into the territory of actively encouraging political violence towards conservatives. Burger King – which has an historically poor marketing performance amongst millennials – is seemingly trying to do something about it by targeting […]

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