Obama Blasts Buying Big Houses, Then Gets A Mansion for $14.8 Million.

Just last year former President Barack Obama made a speech in South Africa where he criticized wealth inequality, stating: “There’s only so much you can eat. There’s only so big a house you can have. There’s only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it’s enough.”

Then he bought a $14.8m beachfront house.

The Obama family is dropping nearly $15m on the 7,000-square foot, 29-acre house in Martha’s Vineyard.

It has seven bedrooms, eight and a half baths, a chef’s kitchen, master bedroom with a private deck, a pool – the house has everything.

Maybe the house needed to be 8,000-square-foot to qualify for Obama’s definition of “enough”.

“I’ll pay a little more in taxes… It’s okay, I can afford it,” The former President also stated in his speech.

Reports suggest Michelle and Barack Obama have a combined net worth of around $70 million.

The couple only recently spent $8.1 million on a mansion in Washington, D.C. that they were previously renting.

They also own a home in Chicago, Illinois.

Having and spending earned wealth is of course no bad thing. But hypocrisy is.

The former President’s practices are not aligning with what he has been preaching to others. 

The Obama’s will happily decry wealth inequality, then turn around and buy a nearly $15 million estate.

But hey, at least it only has a 2-car garage, which means their new digs will help them cut their carbon footprint, right?

Because running three massive houses, traveling between them, and jet-setting around the world lecturing poor people on wealth and climate change is just soooooo environmentally friendly!

Sofia Carbone is a reporter for RaheemKassam.com and tweets at @SiCarbone_

Guardian: ‘Are Satanists Now the Good Guys?’

The Guardian newspaper has asked a revealing question in one of its latest television reviews, with an article entitled: “Devil’s advocate: are satanists now the good guys in the fight against the evangelical right?”

The answer is obviously, “No”. But the framing gives an important insight into the mentality of fake news media journalists and editors, especially at an historically leftist publication like the Guardian.

The feature, by freelancer Steve Rose, is about a new television series produced by Magnolia Pictures, the same firm that created the anti-Steve Bannon movie The Brink.

“Hail Satan?” is described by Rose as portraying “the Satanic Temple as a voice of reason and humanism in the US”. He then asks the question: “Has the time come to rehabilitate the dark lord?”

“Now, a documentary threatens to rehabilitate Satan. Directed by Penny Lane, Hail Satan? follows the early adventures of the Satanic Temple, an institution that has hit upon the perfect counter-strategy to the evangelicals’ efforts to recouple church and state. Based in Salem, Massachusetts (where else?), the Satanic Temple is officially recognised as a tax-exempt religious organisation. As such, it has been claiming the same rights and privileges as those obtained by evangelical Christian groups – albeit with a prankster sensibility.”

The release of Hail Satan? is a blessing and a curse for the Satanic Temple. It should bring new members and much-needed revenue to the cause (the church’s only income is direct donations and merchandise sales), but it also puts [Lucien] Greaves in the limelight, possibly even the crosshairs. Towards the end of Hail Satan? we see him appearing at a satanist rally in Little Rock, Arkansas, next to the notorious Baphomet statue. Before he steps out, he puts on a bulletproof jacket.

Not only are Rose and the Guardian shilling for the Satanic Temple in the review, they’re also concerned for the safety of its leader, a compassion rarely shown for conservatives or Christians in public life.

Artwork for the movie portrays the Statue of Liberty with the head of Baphomet, a goat-like symbol used by the Church of Satan since the 1960s.

Hail Satan? is currently being distributed by Apple iTunes, Amazon, AT&T, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DirectTV, Fandango, Google Play, SuddenLink, Verizon FIOS, VUDU, Xbox, and YouTube.

What’s The Difference Between Ilhan Omar and Piers Morgan?

“It’s vile. It’s hateful. It’s anti-American!”

Some of the common refrains following the “send her back!” chant at President Trump’s rally in North Carolina last night.

The seemingly extemporaneous audience demand about Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) drew rage and ire from the political establishment, and even many on the right. I’ll confess, I gasped when I heard it live.

Because “send them back” is perhaps the most uncharitable thing any American, or Westerner, has been taught they can express about immigrants and immigration as a whole. We are asked to believe it is a literal negation of our Western values, and in America, also a repudiation of one of the pillars of the American founding.

It’s true to an extent, which is why I gasped.


Everyone’s Gone Nuts. For Power and Profit.

Senator John Kennedy said the “four horsemen” of the Democratic party’s internal apocalypse were the “reason there are directions on a shampoo bottle”.

I doubled over in laughter. Then I watched the interview with “the squad”.

Rashida Tlaib whined about Trump being a “bully”. AOC called America a “story. Ayanna Pressley called the president “predictable” despite her and her colleagues constantly appearing surprised or taken aback by his actions. Ilhan Omar refused to retract her wildly anti-Semitic comments.

Gaslighting America into believing they’re the helpless victims of a pitchfork-wielding president.

Then there was Yahoo News basically calling actor Chris Pratt a white supremacist for wearing a t-shirt with a Gadsden Flag on it for a veteran’s charity.

It’s only been about 10 days since the Betsy Ross flag debacle. Megan Rapinoe’s U.S. flag would still be on the ground were it not for her lesbian teammate who picked it up. I mention her sexuality only because we were expected to be mad about that, for some reason. No one was.

Everyone’s gone nuts.


Killing The Fourth of July.

After the monuments, the national anthem, and attacks on the Constitution replete with the bent on censorship, it was only a matter of time until the left came for July 4th.

President Trump’s plans for a parade in Washington, D.C. hastened the attacks.


Never to be out-woked, Nike took the opportunity this July 4th to lash out at patriots (read: most Americans) by putting the kibosh on their planned ‘USA Air Max 1’ training shoes.

The design featured the Betsy Ross flag: one of the first known emblems of the colonies that would go on to become the United States.

We’re led to believe it was Colin Kaepernick – who is famous for just about everything except what he should be famous for: football – who drove Nike to nix the shoe.

A shame, really. It was a relatively attractive shoe. Though this Brooks Running shoe, or these Puma ones are arguably better.

But Nike made its bed, just days before the nation was set to celebrate its 243rd birthday.

She’s not an old mistress, America. But she is a wise one.


Democrats Won’t ‘Harness Love’ for America, Let Alone Against Trump.

I take Marianne Williamson’s threat seriously. She probably does intend to harness love to try and defeat President Trump. The same kind of love she repeatedly displayed for the movie Avatar, or mind airplanes, or aliens.

The problem is Marianne Williamson will never secure the nomination of the Democratic Party of America mostly because she’s too, well, nice.

Don’t get me wrong, her pseudo-Ebonics and hippy talk were grating, even to last night’s debate moderators. But between her and maybe Pete Buttigieg, with Tulsi Gabbard the night before, we saw a side of the Democratic Party that isn’t as invested as the rest of their colleagues in the destruction of the United States from the inside out.


EU Flag Burn Ban Reveals Bloc’s Totalitarian Instincts. Americans Should Differ.

America isn’t a flag. America is a nation.

The European Union is not a nation. It’s anti-nation.

That’s why when the U.S. flag-burning debate reared its head again last week, I took the side of the flag-burners.To be clear, I don’t want people burning the American flag. I simply believe it should not be a crime.

Criminalizing flag-burning smacks of the totalitarian instincts of organizations like the European Union. The EU aggressively defends the few symbols that represent it because it doesn’t have a defining set of values to defend. It institutionally prefers cultural vacuums to social cohesion, secularism to God, and isolated, lonely professionals to strong, robust families.

That’s what happens when corporations and their cronies dictate cultural values.

It’s in almost every social dystopian book or film in recent human history.


Today a Milkshake, Tomorrow A Brick: Corporate-Backed Political Violence Is Here.

It was always coming. With the dovetailing of corporate social responsibility and social justice causes (i.e. “getting woke”), big global businesses are now moving into the territory of actively encouraging political violence towards conservatives.

Burger King – which has an historically poor marketing performance amongst millennials – is seemingly trying to do something about it by targeting political figures unpopular with said demographic.

I said a few weeks ago things are about to get worse in the sphere of corporations involving themselves in politics. At the time I was thinking of Big Tech, but Gillette, Nabisco, and now Burger King are telling the business world: “Hold my beer”.

“Oh, but it’s just a few milkshakes that have been thrown at Tommy Robinson, Raheem! Lighten up!”

Sure, there’s somewhat of an organic history to politicians taking food items to the face on the campaign trail.


Kassam In Daily Caller: The Irony Of The Obscene Left’s Inability To Laugh With Tucker Carlson

Manners maketh man, says the old adage more recently attributed to Colin Firth’s campish character in the Bond-meets-comic book Kingsman movies.

But no man (or woman) is flawless. Which is presumably the attitude the left has taken as to why Ralph Northam is still the governor of Virginia. Or why those who protected and defended Roman Polanski for years are still at large. Or why Joy Reid’s infamous “hack” was never explored in any detail. The list, of course, goes on and on.

But not only are Tucker Carlson’s speech crimes — as “reported” by the Soros-backed Media Matters — not even half as immoral as those covered for by the political left; they’re actually scarcely crimes at all.


Kassam in The American Spectator: Here’s How Dry January Makes Me Better Than You

My American friends gawp at me with a delectable cocktail of envy, anger, and disappointment. For most of them, I’m their heaviest drinking friend. For January, I’m the bane of their existence.

This is my third “Dry January,” a very British phenomenon which began in 2013. If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, Dry January is surely the worst. But I want to evangelize about it for a moment.

The Wall Street Journal reports that I’m right (of course) to do it. Dry January participants lose an average of 4 lbs. over the month, and their liver function improves while their cancerous…ness declines. We get better sleep. We are mentally quicker on the draw, and by and large we are the most annoying people around all month. I enjoy that aspect, too.

Because, you see, from February 1 to December 31 I’m the guy who’s always texting my entire phonebook at around two in the afternoon.

“Drink? Trump Hotel? Morton’s? For goodness sakes, I’ll bring a bottle of whiskey to your house just let me sit on the stoop and you can talk to me from the window. Just spare me the indignity of drinking alone.” (No, there’s nothing “empowering” about doing that. It’s just sad, guys).

So now I get to exact my revenge for people being totally rubbish at drinking all year long.

Every sip you take, every drunk face you make… I’ll be mocking you.