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BBC Classroom Show Depicts Trans and Lesbians Telling Kids ‘There Are Over 100 Genders’

Another day, another opportunity for the left to push their bizarre gender agenda on children. A new BBC-sponsored programme “Identity: Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities” is telling kids as young as nine there are “over 100 genders” they can identify as. When the children, understandably confused, ask about how many genders exist, the teacher responds: […]

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Kassam w/ Seb Gorka: Boris Can Use Emergency Powers to Enact A Hard Brexit

Raheem Kassam recently appeared on the America First show with Dr. Sebastian Gorka to discuss Brexit and the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections: In the clip, Kassam provides analysis of Boris Johnson’s government, specifically the prorogation of parliament and impending October 31st Brexit deadline. He points out how those leading the crusade against proroguing parliament […]

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