BBC Admits to FAKE NEWS EU Election Coverage.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – paid for by a licence-fee levied on television owners – has admitted to a “lapse in editorial standards” surrounding its coverage of the recent European Union election results.

Having been challenged by numerous complainants, the Beeb sent a letter taking full responsibility for misleading voters about the results as they pertained to partisan positions on Brexit.

Instead of counting the (predominantly pro-Brexit) Conservative Party in the pro-Brexit camp, the BBC left them out making it look like anti-Brexit parties had triumphed in the May vote.

The offending graphic can be viewed below.

The offending graphic which leaves out the fact that the Conservative Party supports and campaigns officially for Brexit

In other words, they promoted and disseminated fake news, at a cost to British tax payers, to influence UK politics.

At a time of heightened national tensions over the Brexit issue, one might hope “Auntie” would be on her best behavior.

The network’s liberal bias however, appears too far gone to allow trustworthiness or reliability from the £5bn ($6.1bn) a year organization.

The letter from the BBC states:

“As I am sure you are aware, both pro- and anti-Brexit parties cited the outcome of the European elections as evidence their side of the argument had the greatest support… BBC News has told us the graphic which prompted your concern was an attempt to provide some clarity in relation to those arguments…

“We think this is a reasonable approach in principle, but the resulting graphic does not seem to us to have contained sufficient information to achieve the desired result. The bar labelled “Pro-Brexit”, as you have pointed out, reflected only the combined vote for the Brexit Party and UKIP…

“A summary of your complaint and our decision to uphold it will now be published on the complaints pages of as a public acknowledgement that there was a lapse of editorial standards on this occasion”.

The incident is far from the first time the BBC has been caught manipulating public opinion for leftist or liberal globalist ends.

The corporation predominantly purchases the Guardian newspaper internally, and has repeatedly been exposed for liberal, metropolitan bias by its former senior executives and on-screen talent.

In 2011 former BBC host Peter Sissons explained:

“At any given time there is a BBC line on everything of importance, a line usually adopted in the light of which way its senior echelons believe the political wind is ­blowing. This line is rarely spelled out explicitly, but percolates subtly throughout the organisation.

“Whatever the United Nations is associated with is good — it is heresy to question any of its activities. The EU is also a good thing, but not quite as good as the UN. Soaking the rich is good, despite well-founded economic arguments that the more you tax, the less you get. And Government spending is a good thing, although most BBC ­people prefer to call it investment, in line with New Labour’s terminology.

“All green and environmental groups are very good things. Al Gore is a saint. George Bush was a bad thing, and thick into the bargain. Obama was not just the Democratic Party’s candidate for the White House, he was the BBC’s. Blair was good, Brown bad, but the BBC has now lost interest in both.

“Trade unions are mostly good things, especially when they are fighting BBC managers. Quangos are also mostly good, and the reports they produce are usually handled uncritically. The Royal Family is a bore. Islam must not be offended at any price, although ­Christians are fair game because they do nothing about it if they are offended.”

BBC license fee payers can find out more about cancelling their payments by clicking here.

The full letter from the Beeb can be read below:

Fox News to Air Fake Republican Group’s Pro-Mueller Ad.

A group of establishment donors and activists, masquerading as a Republican organization, will use airtime on Fox News and the Sinclair network to attack President Donald Trump in support of Russiagate conspiracy chief Robert Mueller.

The group, farcically named Republicans for the Rule of Law, is actually a front group for Never Trump activist Bill Kristol.

Kristol is a neoconservative, pro-war, anti-America First activist most recently known for steering the once popular Weekly Standard magazine into bankruptcy.

One of his new groups, the Defending Democracy Together Institute, is the parent company of Republicans for the Rule of Law, as well as a number of other astroturfed entities that boast the same names, board members, and writers, including the failing Bulwark blog site.

Despite this, President Trump’s favorite television network has allowed Republicans for the Rule of Law to purchase advertising space during one of the most popular and most Trump-friendly prime time slots: during the Sean Hannity show.



Brian Karem Is Trump Derangement Syndrome Personified.

I don’t read Playboy, not even for the articles, but we all learned about the magazine’s “Political Analyst” when Brian Karem hollered insults at President Trump and his supporters in the White House Rose Garden yesterday.

Karem, according to his biographies, has bounced around a number of news outlets in the past few years, landing most recently at Playboy Magazine and (of course) CNN.

Karem’s disdain for the Trump Administration, his former staffer, and his supporters was on ghastly display yesterday as he accused White House Social Media Summit attendees of favoring “demonic possession”. He then asked former White House staffer Dr. Sebastian Gorka to “go outside and have a long conversation” with him. He winked while saying it.


Democracy Dies with Chinese Propaganda.

It’s distressing to see The [Washington] Post become a channel for state propaganda from the People’s Republic of China. Yet that’s what’s happening with the lengthy advertorials from the China Daily that are distributed with your newspaper.

The Sept. 30 “Chinawatch” insert was especially objectionable. Four of the six pages were filled with happy, seemingly fact-filled reports about the latest developments with Taiwan, all masquerading as “news.” But they were missing crucial context for understanding the fraught relations across the Taiwan Strait. There was no mention of controversies within democratic Taiwan about the new policies and their effects, nor any observations contrary to China’s deceptive strategies. All was harmony and light.

The Chinese government is spending generously worldwide to promote its view. But your accepting its advertising dollars is no mere commercial transaction. These “news reports” are from a state-controlled arm of the Chinese propaganda establishment.

This is not a service to readers, and the advertorials directly conflict with the integrity and fairness that I expect from The Post.

– Julian Baum, Richmond

The above was taken from the letters section of the Washington Post in 2011.

The Post, since at least that year, has carried reporting from the China Daily paper under an advertising deal they call “China Watch”.

But it should – as Julian Baum from Richmond implies – be called “China Botch” since it is nothing like accurate or contextualized reporting on the region.

That’s because China Daily is a fully-owned subsidiary and propaganda arm of the Communist Party of China i.e. the government.


National Review is Obsessed With Itself.

The folks at National Review have finally woken up from their decade-long slumber during which the formerly influential conservative magazine was known to mumble incoherently about “muh free markets” until it was jolted up with night terrors in 2016, shrieking, “Never Trump! Never Trump!”

The magazine has now become obsessed with its own decline, which frankly, few people are interested in.

Having lost a seemingly internecine war against Sohrab Ahmari and First Things over the future of conservatism, the mag’s once-trusted writers are still attempting to wage war (think Hiroo Onoda) while at the simultaneously claiming to have never tried to fashion an ism around their lead writers.


Kassam in Daily Caller: No, I Don’t Feel Sorry For Journalists Who Have Lost Their Jobs — I’m Bloody Thrilled

I usually do a pretty good job of swallowing my sociopathic tendencies, but I have to confess I have absolutely no compassion for the fired journalists of the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. I mean none. And nor should you.

This cadre of know-nothings, haters, anti-white racists, fake news propagandists, and hounders of conservatives have tried to make life hell for people like me for years, simply for having differing opinions. They’ve also done it with smirks on their eminently punchable faces that made that Covington school kid look like he’d swallowed a wasp.

And don’t tell me I’m not allowed to call their faces punchable. I learned the phrase from Reza Aslan. Just hope I don’t learn the action from AntiFa.

Some — more magnanimous than I by a factor of infinity — have suggested we should feel compassion for anyone losing their jobs. This would be a laudable thought process were it not for the active destruction these people were paid to accomplish literally every day. Sometimes at the expense of conservatives, but more to the point, at the expense of ordinary people and Western civilization.