BBC Admits to FAKE NEWS EU Election Coverage.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – paid for by a licence-fee levied on television owners – has admitted to a “lapse in editorial standards” surrounding its coverage of the recent European Union election results. Having been challenged by numerous complainants, the Beeb sent a letter taking full responsibility for misleading voters about the results as […]

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Brian Karem Is Trump Derangement Syndrome Personified.

I don’t read Playboy, not even for the articles, but we all learned about the magazine’s “Political Analyst” when Brian Karem hollered insults at President Trump and his supporters in the White House Rose Garden yesterday. Karem, according to his biographies, has bounced around a number of news outlets in the past few years, landing most […]

Korean PSY-War

Democracy Dies with Chinese Propaganda.

It’s distressing to see The [Washington] Post become a channel for state propaganda from the People’s Republic of China. Yet that’s what’s happening with the lengthy advertorials from the China Daily that are distributed with your newspaper. The Sept. 30 “Chinawatch” insert was especially objectionable. Four of the six pages were filled with happy, seemingly fact-filled reports about the […]


National Review is Obsessed With Itself.

The folks at National Review have finally woken up from their decade-long slumber during which the formerly influential conservative magazine was known to mumble incoherently about “muh free markets” until it was jolted up with night terrors in 2016, shrieking, “Never Trump! Never Trump!” The magazine has now become obsessed with its own decline, which frankly, few people […]

South Lawn Departure

Kassam in Daily Caller: No, I Don’t Feel Sorry For Journalists Who Have Lost Their Jobs — I’m Bloody Thrilled

I usually do a pretty good job of swallowing my sociopathic tendencies, but I have to confess I have absolutely no compassion for the fired journalists of the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. I mean none. And nor should you. This cadre of know-nothings, haters, anti-white racists, fake news propagandists, and hounders of conservatives have tried […]

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