Kamala Harris in Free Fall.

Kamala Harris appeared to be the ideal “woke” Democratic Party presidential candidate.

As a person of color, a woman, and a child of immigrants, she “checked all the boxes” and tread the line between moderate and progressive comparatively better than the rest of the field. 

The most recent CNN poll – approved by the Democrat Party itself – tells another story. Kamala Harris is monumentally unpopular, even within her own party.

To call her loss of nearly 3 out of 4 supporters over just two months a “free fall” is probably an understatement.


Some think the decline can be attributed to fellow candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s (D-HI) takedown of Harris over her controversial criminal justice record at the second Democratic presidential debate.

It’s hardly true, sadly.

While it made for great television, Harris’s decline predated the debate and Tulsi exchange.

Such reasoning also excuses Harris’s inauthenticity as being culpable for her unpopularity.

After all, Harris was never a frontrunner because of her groundbreaking policies. It was her “intersectional” identity that was her comparative advantage. Behind this facade there isn’t much substance for Democratic voters to latch onto. 

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver’s analysis of a recent Quinnipiac Poll shows that “there’s no single group of Democrats—say wealthy or young or black” among whom Harris is polling at higher than 10 percent.” 

Her rapidly declining support is a hodgepodge of people from different demographic groups. In other words, she has no real base.

For this election cycle, it’s no longer enough to be a woman of color.

The field is so big that each of Harris’s’ intersectional attributes is not unique. There are several other candidates that are also black, female, or have immigrant backgrounds.

Policy wise, she easily gets “out-woked” by her more far-left counterparts like Sen. Warren (D-MA) or Sen. Sanders (D-VT), while Biden reigns supreme with the title of “moderate”.

Rehearsed videos of her expressing admiration for her new campaign bus won’t win voters back:

“Cool” merch won’t do the trick, either. Her decision to sell shirts emblazoned with “That Little Girl Was Me” only angered voters, making her personal attack on Joe Biden’s bussing position appear inauthentic. 

Harris is learning the hard way: what goes up must come down. 

Natalie Winters is a freelance writer

Kassam In American Greatness: Dems Oppose Brexit, Back China for Fear of Anglosphere Resurgence

By now there can be no denying the success of the Trump Administration in righting the ship of America’s international trade position that foundered under previous administrations.

Trump, who has been banging on about the matter since the 1980s, has not only begun to rectify the nation’s relationship with cheater China, but recently sent Ambassador John Bolton to Britain to finalize the agreement over a new, post-Brexit U.K.-U.S. trading relationship.

These are massive, historical achievements on par with the president’s record on the appointment of federal judges.


Kassam In The Spectator: After Sydney – Raheem Kassam on stabbing the messenger

If Kristina Keneally and her Labor cohorts were to be believed, it would not have been “Allahu akbar” the stabber in Sydney cried from the rooftop of a Mercedes yesterday. They’d have you think he was more likely to shout, “Raheem is Great!” before his violent spree, such has been their insistence that I am the real threat to Australia.

Today, a woman lies dead, and Australia once again sees the fruits of fundamentalist Islam and the perverseness that some mainstream interpretations of the Quran have bestowed upon Western nations.

A man of Turkish-Cypriot origin and an apparent Muslim convert is alleged to have murdered a woman and then attempted to stab others in Sydney’s central business district.

There’s no upshot to this. It’s yet another tragedy summoned forth by those unwilling to recognise the rot at the heart of one of the world’s fastest-growing and influential religions: Islam.


Kassam In Daily Caller: Australia’s Left Wants To Ban Me; Is This What Tolerance Looks Like?

Conservatives are banned and stifled on social media and by traditional media outlets, too. This we know to be true, despite CNBC’s sloppy protests to the contrary.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) recently implored national networks in the United States: “Don’t let Neo-Nazis on TV.”

Of course, neo-Nazis don’t really go on television. And when they do, it is usually in the form of CNN attempting to use them as a stick by which to beat President Trump.

So when AOC tweets about keeping “neo-Nazis” off the airwaves, she’s not talking about actual neo-Nazis. She’s talking about ordinary conservatives who she brands neo-Nazis in order to vilify and de-platform them.

I am one of those ordinary conservatives, and in the last few weeks I have witnessed — though scarcely been a part of — a national debate in Australia as to whether or not I should be allowed into the country to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Australia.

Bemusing, for sure. Especially since almost no Australian outlets have bothered to contact me for comment about the alarming allegations made against me. I’m not allowed a say. Because I’m not really the left’s target. I just happen to be a decent enough reflection of conservative nationalists in general. They think taking me out represents some big victory. It doesn’t. I’ll just go back to playing ping pong and getting massages.


Trump Jr. at Border Wall: Blasts Mueller, ‘the Squad’, Socialism.

NEW MEXICO – Entering the We Build the Wall symposium on the U.S.-Mexico border to chants of, “2024!”, Donald Trump Jr. used the occasion to blast former special counsel Bob Mueller, and to tell personal stories about his family’s experiences with socialism.

“We need a border, we need to be able to protect ourselves, our Citizens, from the drug trade,” the President’s son began, congratulating organizers Brian Kolfage and others at their fundraisers for the privately-funded border wall.

“When I hear some of the human stories, the suffering that has been going on as a result of this crisis, it is truly heart wrenching,” he said, before adding, “We have to put America first… the homeless… the veterans”.

His most fiery comments, however, were saved for Robert Mueller and his team.


Who Wrote the Mueller Report?

We all owe the Democrat Party of America another thank you.

Hot off the backs of making ‘the Squad’ their public faces for the 2020 campaign, Democrats handed President Trump and conservatives another victory today in the form of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congressional committees.

Mueller, as many observers noted, seemed unfamiliar with much of his own report, steadily falling into a pattern of refusing to answer questions, or simply endorsing the findings of the report which has already been public for three months.

After the report’s release, Mueller alongside Attorney General Bill Barr put out a rare joint statement which affirmed the fact that the Special Counsel was not in a position to offer a determination over whether or not President Trump had committed any crimes per the scope of the Russia investigation.

In other words, Democrats who expected a fiery Bob Mueller to recommend impeachment of the 45th President of the United States were already setting themselves up for a fall.


How to Make Boris Work.

Boris Johnson is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The tousle-headed neo-liberal fought a remarkably quiet campaign, perhaps with good reason.

If there were ever a modern British politician with enough skeletons in the closet to bring him down on the first day of his premiership: it’s Johnson. Even so, the Conservative parliamentary party couldn’t stop him. Mostly due to their weakness.

A once frenemy of the liberal David Cameron, Johnson has waited his way into 10 Downing Street, having pulled out of the leadership campaign against Theresa May in 2016.

His record is spotty, and as checkered as his personal life.


Beto Is Using His Slave-Owning Ancestry.

Beto O’Rourke says he’s the descendant of slave owners.

How shocked the American public must be to learn that a white dude called Robert Francis O’Rourke had someone in his family who at some point might have been connected with the common practice of slavery.


Beto’s case is also a serious reach.

One can tell that he wants to be descended from slave owners, so he can virtue signal over it. But the evidence he provides for this is spurious.

Like Elizabeth Warren sought to weaponize a Native American sneezing on one of her ancestors once, Beto is weaponizing his slave-owning family past.

He’s the victim, now.


Tucker Carlson Is Right: Ilhan Omar is An Ungrateful Immigrant.

Tucker Carlson is right.

There’s a phrase I don’t think I’ll ever tire of saying.

But the knives are out for him again after Carlson used his opening monologue on Fox last night to hit out at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for her lack of gratitude towards America.

“Ilhan Omar has an awful lot to be grateful for,” he opined after reading out the Muslim Congresswoman’s incredible rags to riches story made possible by her entry to, and life in, the United States.

“But she isn’t grateful. Not at all. After everything America has done for Omar and for her family, she hates this country more than ever.”


Persona Non Grata: Trump Trashes Globalist UK Ambassador.

It was 9:22pm New York time on November 22nd 2016 when President-elect Donald J. Trump tweeted in support of Nigel Farage becoming the new British Ambassador to the United States.

I had to rub my eyes a few times when it happened. We had just been to visit with the President-elect a few weeks prior. There were rumors he would swing by a Christmas party we were due to attend in a few weeks. It was all very exciting stuff.

I’m just a boy from Uxbridge. I had no designs on being involved in politics, and certainly not at this level. Nevertheless I was the one tasked with waking up Nigel at 2:22am London time to deliver the news.

Nigel is a night owl, but when he goes to sleep, you don’t wake him. Except in emergency situations. So when I roused him early in the morning I had to start the call with, “Don’t worry, everything’s alright, but there’s something you should know about before the morning”.

“Okay… what is it?” he asked, sheepishly.