UKIP: The Party’s Over

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) entered this European Parliament session with 24 seats. It now has just three.

Nearly five years since Nigel Farage drubbed the political establishment and led UKIP to becoming the first non-major political party to win a national election in 100 years, the party is now polling at levels it hasn’t seen in 20 years.

The latest three polls (YouGov/ComRes/YouGov) place the party on an average of six points.

The party’s demise has certainly been assisted by the launch of Farage’s new Brexit Party — a cross-party, cross-philosophy phenomenon borne out of equal parts frustration at the government’s handling of the Brexit process, and Farage’s falling out of love with UKIP.

The love isn’t lost going the other way, either.


Britain’s Shadow Chancellor Just Spoke At a Rally In Front of a Stalin, Lenin, Marx, And Mao Banner… Seriously

So much for the Labour Party attempting to connect with ordinary, normal voters around the United Kingdom ahead of May’s local and European Parliamentary elections.

Their Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell – the second most powerful man in the party – gave a speech at today’s May Day protests in front of Soviet, hammer and sickle paraphernalia, and a banner depicting Stalin, Lenin, Marx, and Mao.

Communism killed around 100m people in the 20th century, but no matter, according to McDonnell.

Even the British press, replete with its own commie sympathizers, didn’t say a peep about it.


Kassam In Daily Caller: In The Dead Of Night, British MPs Murdered Democracy

Britain’s Brexit process has turned into a full-blown Shakespearean tragedy replete with blood, treason, familial deceit and criminality. The only thing missing is sex, though we the British people are somewhat grateful for that fact considering the attractiveness of our politicians.

At 11:09 p.m. last night, while the nation slept, 313 vs. 312 members of Parliament — including 14 so-called “Conservatives” — passed legislation that will likely render Britain a client state of the European Union for many years to come.

The “Cooper Bill,” named after its author — the feckless former Blair-era government minister Yvette Cooper — requires the British government to take a “no deal Brexit” off the table and once again extend the negotiating period with the European Union.

This is manifestly not what the public voted for in 2016, and Britain’s current parliament has done almost everything in its power to grin-fuck the electorate since that fateful day in June, three years ago.

But the smirks will surely soon fall from the faces of those traitorous MPs, many of whom — Cooper included — continue to renege on manifesto commitments and election pledges regarding Brexit.


Kassam In Daily Caller: Brexit Betrayal Spells Doom For Britain’s (Fake) Conservative Party

Tens of thousands of “leave” protesters rallied Britain’s Parliament today as the government once again failed to force through its pitiful pseudo-Brexit deal.

The march on the UK’s legislature was organized by the “Leave Means Leave” group and headlined by Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who used the opportunity to announce that he planned, if needed, to fight at the next European Parliamentary elections.

Hold on — you might think — if you voted to leave the European Union then why is Nigel planning to stand again in May’s EuroParl vote?

Well, it’s complex.



Kassam in Daily Caller: Russiagate Wasn’t The First Media Hoax, And It Probably Won’t Be the Last

There are few greater joys in life than being able to watch self-appointed arbiters and guardians on the defensive. Such is the case with the U.S. media and the Mueller report’s findings. Just don’t expect to hear many apologies.

The few honest journalists that are left are now coming to recognize just how profoundly their colleagues misled the public.

Others, such as CNN’s Jeffrey Zucker and Brian Stelter, and New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, are attempting to save what little face they have left.

Not only does this group deny there was anything wrong with spreading stories such as “What If Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987?,” but they maintain it’s their critics — the tenacious few who are brave enough to call them out for their lies — who need to be reined in.

Something important is being lost in this discussion: Russiagate was not the first time the media has so blatantly misled the American public. It’s not even the first time they’ve been caught so clearly in the wrong as a result of their ideological biases.


Kassam In Daily Caller: What’s Going On With Brexit? Here’s An Explainer

“Ok, but seriously, let’s talk about Brexit. What’s going on?”

The number of times I’ve heard that exact sentence in the past few months makes me want to affect a Mexican accent and pretend I’ve just hopped over the border, such is my embarrassment (and inability to answer the question).

Brexit is certainly a mess, but I often remind people that America didn’t achieve functional independence until around 1815, despite the 1776 declaration.

It is unlikely to take Britain 39 years to extricate ourselves from the European Union, but it certainly feels like a lot longer than shy of three years since the original Brexit vote.

You’ll have probably noticed that Theresa May is the worst prime minister in recent history, and that is saying something considering we had Gordon Brown (remember him? Me neither).

But it isn’t May’s fault that her party — the so-called Conservative Party — is so divided on the matter. This is the primary problem we face, and a problem I have been attempting to solve for what seems like most of my adult life.

Kassam In Daily Caller: The UK’s ‘No Deal’ Parliament Has Betrayed Britain

The news that Britain’s parliament rejected a “no deal” Brexit means the elected representatives of the people have officially snubbed the will of the people, arguably rendering them treasonous.

Constitutionally, the public are sovereign through parliament and the monarch, but both halves of that whole have proven themselves unable or unwilling to see through the public’s will: Brexit. So we find ourselves in constitutional crisis.

Does parliament have to be dissolved? Should someone let Her Majesty The Queen know she needs to use what little of her powers she has left? Will there be riots?

Ideally, all the above. But likely? Not so much.

Let it be a lesson to American readers that without recourse, the establishment can and will run roughshod over the people. That’s why your Second Amendment is so important. Not that I need to tell you that.


Kassam in Daily Caller: Trump Has Britain’s Back (and America’s) On Brexit

Back in Blighty, politicians of all stripes are clamoring to avoid fulfilling what the British public demanded in our 2016 Brexit vote. Thankfully, it looks like the American president at least has our back.

That’s because Trump — a businessman — sees opportunity in all things, whereas sadly the British mentality has been one of managed decline since at least the 1970s.

In the White House Rose Garden today, the president announced: “With the U.K. we’re continuing our trade and we’re going to be increasing it very substantially as time goes by … We’re agreeing to go forward and preserve our trade agreement … We have a very good trading relationship with the U.K. and that’s just been strengthened further.’’

The news — buried beneath the cavalcade of CNN contributors bemoaning the border security national emergency — reveals a welcome injection of $16.5 billion of trade in the relationship between the two nations. If Trump is right and this expands further, both countries are in for a Brexit windfall.


Kassam in Daily Caller: The Green New Deal Is The Fyre Festival Of Politics

Ugh, not another Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez article? Wait! It’s not, I swear.

Well, it kind of is. But the ‘Green New Deal’ is worth discussing, if only for its total demerits and to revel in the fact that even the left seems to loathe it.

The latest brain fart by Alex from Yorktown Heights has already been the subject of criticism and ridicule by Nancy PelosiMother Jones and Slate.

Sure, some don’t think it goes far enough. Heck, when the New York Times starts lobbying for the abolition of billionaires you know the Overton Window is shifting apace.

But, at least until 2020 — and as the president showed us in his State of the Union speech — socialism remains a great cudgel for the right to beat the left with.

Especially as it all kicks off in Venezuela.


Kassam in The Hill: Kamala’s Healthcare Plans Are to the Left of Europe

Announcing that, as President, she would “eliminate” private health insurance from the American marketplace puts Harris to the left of the British Labour Party, most French socialists, and even increasing parts of Sweden’s system.

In fact, as Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs noted on Twitter, her plan puts her to the left of Aneurin Bevan, one of the founders of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

As someone who grew up with it, I will admit the NHS has benefits: not having to worry about insurance or fluctuating costs; coverage; where and when I might be seen by a doctor; and a pretty standardized level of care across the country.

The problems however, are almost the same.

As a private individual I can’t look for better prices within the NHS; people abuse it to gain coverage for cosmetic and elective surgeries which all taxpayers then pay for; the waiting list times for appointments and procedures are horrendous; and while the care level is standardized, it is also far worse than the United States.

Throw into that the fact that the U.S. is a country five times larger than the UK, and suddenly Harris’s plans look less idealistic and more imbecilic.