Report Expresses Concern for Facebook Moderators’ Human Rights (While They Revoke Yours)

Facebook is notorious for censoring individuals based on their political beliefs. But The Guardian newspaper has rushed to the defense of the company’s moderators, saying they are left with “psychological scars” and “pushed towards the far right by the amount of hate speech and fake news they read every day.”

One of Facebook’s contractors told The Guardian: “I think it’s a breach of human rights. You cannot ask someone to work fast, to work well and to see graphic content. The things that we saw are just not right.”

Another moderator expressed concerns over a shift in political views due to exposure to the censored material:

“Maybe because all this hate speech we have to face every day affects our political view somehow. So a normal person, a liberal person, maybe also a progressive person, can get more conservative, more concerned about issues like migrants for example.”

According to Facebook moderators, and The Guardian, becoming right wing is a violation of human rights.

There is legitimately graphic and concerning material on Facebook the employees describe, such as the sexual exploitation of minors in private conversations.

However The Guardian dedicates just as much if not more of the article to Facebook moderators shifting in their political views than them having to see genuinely graphic and inappropriate material.

The newspaper has essentially equated the psychological impact of viewing right wing material to that of viewing the sexual exploitation of minors.

What is The Guardian‘s real concern? Do they genuinely care about the human rights and mental health of the employees, or do they just fear the right?

Sofia Carbone is a reporter for and tweets at @SiCarbone_

Facebook Slaps Kassam With 30 Day Ban Ahead Of Brexit Deadline

Raheem Kassam, former senior advisor to Nigel Farage and former editor-in-chief of both Breitbart London and Human Events, has been temporarily banned from Facebook as the Brexit deadline rapidly approaches, with no reason given.

Kassam, one of the original ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’, has helped disseminate pro Brexit messages with to his large fan following on social media over the past few years.

With big tech’s constant onslaught against conservatives, the idea Kassam was banned simply for being a conservative with a large following, as he receives ten million page views per month, is not far fetched.

However Facebook banned him for thirty days over what they claim to be a post that violates the community standards.

Facebook failed to provide a post which violates the community standards. Actually, they failed to provide any post at all.

This is not the first time Facebook has censored Kassam – it’s the fourth time this year.

The first incident occurred at the end of February. Kassam was banned with no explanation whatsoever a few days prior to when he was set to take the main stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C..

After the ban went viral on Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. joined in in tweeting about it. Facebook then seemingly reversed the ban – again with no explanation, comment, or notification to Kassam.

The second temporary suspension came at the end of April, two days before Kassam was launching Human Events as the editor-in-chief. He was suspended for three days on his personal account and locked him out of both his fan page and the Human Events page.

Facebook did provide a reason for this ban: an 11 year old post that read, “men can’t be women”.

Once his account was functional again, an individual at Facebook emailed Kassam personally and explained he had engaged in “hate speech” and subsequently violated the terms of service.

The third ban lasted for seven days and occurred on election day in the UK for the European Union Parliament.

“I was trying to post an update about how people still had time left to vote, but apparently, that would have been too much democracy for Facebook. Or probably too much democracy on the side of which they know my followers would vote: Brexit.”

They banned him over the same 11 year old post.

And that brings us to today, with another ban ahead of the Brexit deadline.

The timing of the bans and lack of reasoning provided by Facebook raises questions over the validity of the supposed ‘violations’.

Raheem Kassam’s only violation of the Facebook community standards is being conservative.

Sofia Carbone is a reporter at and tweets at @SiCarbone_

Facebook Bans ‘Women For Trump’ Ads.

Facebook has removed President Trump’s pro-women re-election advertisements, according to reports from tech site Gizmodo, as well as the left-wing Popular Information blog that reported a “violation” of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Facebook policy states advertisers may not have “direct or indirect assertions or implications” about race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, religion, or financial standing. So the Women For Trump advert was banned… for referring to women.

Another ludicrous “woke” policy used to suppress conservative content:

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 1.05.55 PM

Presumably the ad is not allowed to run because it assumes the gender of those in the picture in addition to the user.

But it’s not really about being “woke” for Facebook. It’s that Zuckerberg and company don’t want users to know how much data they’ve amassed on them. Overtly referring to personal characteristics is a red flag for many digital users who are targeted with advertisements.

In other words, Facebook wants to privately know everything about you, and sell that data. But it doesn’t want you to know that advertisers can see all that when targeting you.

This is not an isolated incident.

An ad inviting donations in honor of First Lady Melania Trump’s birthday used the phrase “Attention Ladies” and was promptly taken down for violating the same policy.

Gizmodo – highly leftist in its editorial line – calls this a “laughably obvious policy violation.”

But it isn’t laughable, nor is it obvious.

A vigilant contingent of far-left activists are flagging Trump 2020 ads that “violate” Facebook’s asinine policies with the clear intention of having them removed. This has a tangible impact on President Trump’s re-election campaign.

Remember when advertisers were open about the demographics they were targeting? Not in digital media. Wokeness plus data mining individuals is leading to secrecy surrounding algorithms, targeting, and more.