Kamala Harris in Free Fall.

Kamala Harris appeared to be the ideal “woke” Democratic Party presidential candidate.

As a person of color, a woman, and a child of immigrants, she “checked all the boxes” and tread the line between moderate and progressive comparatively better than the rest of the field. 

The most recent CNN poll – approved by the Democrat Party itself – tells another story. Kamala Harris is monumentally unpopular, even within her own party.

To call her loss of nearly 3 out of 4 supporters over just two months a “free fall” is probably an understatement.


Some think the decline can be attributed to fellow candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s (D-HI) takedown of Harris over her controversial criminal justice record at the second Democratic presidential debate.

It’s hardly true, sadly.

While it made for great television, Harris’s decline predated the debate and Tulsi exchange.

Such reasoning also excuses Harris’s inauthenticity as being culpable for her unpopularity.

After all, Harris was never a frontrunner because of her groundbreaking policies. It was her “intersectional” identity that was her comparative advantage. Behind this facade there isn’t much substance for Democratic voters to latch onto. 

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver’s analysis of a recent Quinnipiac Poll shows that “there’s no single group of Democrats—say wealthy or young or black” among whom Harris is polling at higher than 10 percent.” 

Her rapidly declining support is a hodgepodge of people from different demographic groups. In other words, she has no real base.

For this election cycle, it’s no longer enough to be a woman of color.

The field is so big that each of Harris’s’ intersectional attributes is not unique. There are several other candidates that are also black, female, or have immigrant backgrounds.

Policy wise, she easily gets “out-woked” by her more far-left counterparts like Sen. Warren (D-MA) or Sen. Sanders (D-VT), while Biden reigns supreme with the title of “moderate”.

Rehearsed videos of her expressing admiration for her new campaign bus won’t win voters back:

“Cool” merch won’t do the trick, either. Her decision to sell shirts emblazoned with “That Little Girl Was Me” only angered voters, making her personal attack on Joe Biden’s bussing position appear inauthentic. 

Harris is learning the hard way: what goes up must come down. 

Natalie Winters is a freelance writer

Kassam in The Hill: Kamala’s Healthcare Plans Are to the Left of Europe

Announcing that, as President, she would “eliminate” private health insurance from the American marketplace puts Harris to the left of the British Labour Party, most French socialists, and even increasing parts of Sweden’s system.

In fact, as Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs noted on Twitter, her plan puts her to the left of Aneurin Bevan, one of the founders of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

As someone who grew up with it, I will admit the NHS has benefits: not having to worry about insurance or fluctuating costs; coverage; where and when I might be seen by a doctor; and a pretty standardized level of care across the country.

The problems however, are almost the same.

As a private individual I can’t look for better prices within the NHS; people abuse it to gain coverage for cosmetic and elective surgeries which all taxpayers then pay for; the waiting list times for appointments and procedures are horrendous; and while the care level is standardized, it is also far worse than the United States.

Throw into that the fact that the U.S. is a country five times larger than the UK, and suddenly Harris’s plans look less idealistic and more imbecilic.