Facebook Bans ‘Women For Trump’ Ads.

Facebook has removed President Trump’s pro-women re-election advertisements, according to reports from tech site Gizmodo, as well as the left-wing Popular Information blog that reported a “violation” of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Facebook policy states advertisers may not have “direct or indirect assertions or implications” about race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, religion, or financial standing. So the Women For Trump advert was banned… for referring to women.

Another ludicrous “woke” policy used to suppress conservative content:

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 1.05.55 PM

Presumably the ad is not allowed to run because it assumes the gender of those in the picture in addition to the user.

But it’s not really about being “woke” for Facebook. It’s that Zuckerberg and company don’t want users to know how much data they’ve amassed on them. Overtly referring to personal characteristics is a red flag for many digital users who are targeted with advertisements.

In other words, Facebook wants to privately know everything about you, and sell that data. But it doesn’t want you to know that advertisers can see all that when targeting you.

This is not an isolated incident.

An ad inviting donations in honor of First Lady Melania Trump’s birthday used the phrase “Attention Ladies” and was promptly taken down for violating the same policy.

Gizmodo – highly leftist in its editorial line – calls this a “laughably obvious policy violation.”

But it isn’t laughable, nor is it obvious.

A vigilant contingent of far-left activists are flagging Trump 2020 ads that “violate” Facebook’s asinine policies with the clear intention of having them removed. This has a tangible impact on President Trump’s re-election campaign.

Remember when advertisers were open about the demographics they were targeting? Not in digital media. Wokeness plus data mining individuals is leading to secrecy surrounding algorithms, targeting, and more.

Kassam in The Detroit News: Romney Stands for Failed Politics of Past

Did you hear the one about the failed presidential candidate who took to the pages of The Washington Post to lecture someone in his own party who actually won?

If you haven’t yet, you soon will, because former Massachusetts Gov. Willard “Mitt” Romney is back in Washington, trying once again to advise his party — presumably on how to lose.

Romney has clawed his way back to semi-relevance by becoming a U.S. Senator from Utah, handing the media another useful pundit inside of the Republican Party to replace Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker.

It gives them no end of pleasure to know that Romney is the same person who ran and lost against Barack Obama in 2012.

Romney launched the first anti-Trump salvo of 2019 in his op-ed entitled “The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short.”

Romney’s interventions against Trump can only be described as an act of sabotage against conservatives in the United States today. They should be viewed as enemy political combatants in the same way the Democrat Party is.


Kassam at FoxNews.com: Trump More Popular than most Western Leaders

America is a nation obsessed with political approval ratings like no other. But the U.S. media seems ignorant to the fact that President Trump is currently one of the most popular leaders of a major Western nation in the world today.

Guffaw if you like, but those who are both regarded and regard themselves as “better” leaders have lower numbers than the American president — and while his are trending up, some of theirs are in free fall.

When Barack Obama left the world stage, having commanded a mid-40s average approval rating over the course of his presidency, the New York Times declared German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be the liberal West’s “last defender.”

Less than two years later, after an election upset and an ensuing struggle to form a government, Merkel is horribly bruised and close to being ousted by her coalition partners in Germany. Both for having encouraged mass inward migration to her country, and failing to come up with a solution once the Germans figured out it wasn’t working for them.

More to the point, her approval rating stinks.